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Company profile

MERKUR is the synonym for a quality dealer in technical products for domestic and industrial applications, all available at one place.

MERKUR trade, Ltd. is the Slovenian market leader in sales of home products and DIY, electro-installation materials, apparatuses and appliances, machinery and tools, ferrous and non-ferrous metal products, and industrial items for professional use. The company has a 20 to 50% market share in Slovenia in sales of individual programmes.

Merkur trade is a successor of a company, established as small shop in 1896, which has grown into a household name in Slovenia. It sells goods and services to end-consumers and industrial clients of all kinds. Our retail chain is well known for its modern, well-stocked and shopper-friendly sales centres.

Web shopping: Web center Merkur
For business partners: Portal MERKURPARTNER

Mission, vision and values


As a competent and competitive group of companies, Merkur provides the best service in wholesale and retail.

  • By providing the best ratio between quality, high stock levels, and price as well as superb assistance we create the satisfaction of our customers.
  • Our high stock levels also serve as a basis for wholesale to companies.
  • Our sales personnel is the most competent and user-oriented.
  • We inspire and enrich new lifestyles that are emerging in the market, and are becoming a strong partner of leading brands and manufacturers.
  • We have the largest sales network in Slovenia (warehouses, stores) that helps us ensure longterm collaboration with our suppliers. 
  • Constant service improvement differentiates us from our competition and provides a positive environment for our shareholders.
  • We also contribute to welfare of future generations by investing in the environment and for the environment.   


To be the market leader in providing seasonal and DIY products and services, and appliances in Slovenia.

Our values


We continue 120-year tradition of successful business practice and breaking path to the feature with fresh ideas.


We are committed, competent, professional and all our team members follow the company's goals.


We are a diligent, serious and reliable business partner.


Building on recognize good service.


Responsiveness to changes in the environment and the market is a constant, finding even better opportunities is the thought of all employees.


The strategic and development plans of the company are prepared and fulfilled under the management of the Management.

mag. Blaž Pesjak
General Director
T: + 386 4 258 88 01
F: + 386 4 258 88 05

Igor Maroša 
T: + 386 4 258 88 01
F: + 386 4 258 88 05

Fast facts

Company Name: MERKUR trade, Ltd.
Registered Office: Cesta na Okroglo 7, SI-4202 Naklo, Slovenia
Website Address:
Telephone: +386 4 25 88 000
Fax: +386 4 25 88 805
VAT Number: SI76138437
  Merkur is liable to payment of VAT.
Registry Number: 6723128000
Object Code: 47.520
Register of Companies at: District Court in Kranj, entry number 2014/49217
Share Capital: EUR 11,368,274.00
  All shares are fully paid.
Transaction Accounts: SI56 0700 0000 2337 596 (Gorenjska banka d.d.)
  SI56 0510 0801 3934 915 (Abanka Vipa d.d.)
  SI56 0292 8026 1147 951 (NLB d.d.)
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